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Stay Frosty

My newest OTP is Brad/Nate of the generation_kill fandom. Alexander Skarsgård and Stark Sands are true masters of the eyefuck and god, do I love the eyefuck.

My favorite writer in the fandom so far is hackthis . She's an awesome writer and her fics are mostly AU's and in Nate's POV just the way I like my GK Slash.

Some of my faves of hers;

Get Some (Nate/Brad NC-17 AU, 4 Parts) Can't resist a good High School AU. Lots of delicious angst.

You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You (Brad/Nate, NC-17 AU, 4 Parts) Secret agent men.

The Road Not Taken (Nate/Brad, NC-17 AU, 3 Parts) College AU