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The perfection of tv crushes.

 I have 14 days off work and I have absolutely nothing planed. I love my life.

My two main tv crushes at the moment are Charlie Hunnam and Tyler Hoechlin. They have nothing in commen other than they are both actors who maintain quite the breahtaking physique.

Charlie Hunnam photo tumblr_muuodddUK41rd0f8wo1_250.gifTyler Hoechlin photo tumblr_inline_moakd4Cd0B1qz4rgp.gif

I'm at that fase in my crushing where I haven't found one single thing I don't like about either of them. They are perfect in my doting eyes. It wont last. As we all know nobody is perfect.

Well, Mr Hunnam doesn't like starbucks. That's not good. And he has this thing, when he's doing love scenes, where he backs up a step and starts taking off his shirt and kind of let the lady awkwardly hanging there for a minute. That is a tiny bit of a turn off.
 photo tumblr_myqbheZnoM1rsoylno6_400_oreilysamcro.gif

oh no, it's already happening. The rose-colored goggles are coming off. Mr. Hunnam is turning human on me...

noooooooooo.I'm not ready.

 photo ZDdCU.gif