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Love letter.

I've had this journal for 12 years.

Slash fiction got me here and keeps me coming back. The fandoms have changed over the years, begining with Mulder/Krycek back in the days where I had just found out I wasn't the only girl in the world who got turned on by two guys gettin it on. I see slash in almost every interaction between two hot guys. It's fun. I love letting the imagination fly.

I've had friends on here but we grew apart. Maybe because I was absent or changed fandom. It really doesn't matter. They were lovely and it was fun while it lasted.

I even had a community at one point and it was fun times as well. I'd probably still keep it going if it wasn't for my fickled mind and I lost interest in the subject over time.

There have been Communities I have loved but these days I want to hit my head against a wall when I read the comments on there. So I don't. I was soooo bored at this years FANDOM STEEL CAGE MATCH MARCH MADNESS that I forgot to vote in the last two rounds. What's that about? I've always looked forward to this time of year and the madness it brings. Am I getting old? Am Livejournal and I growing apart for real this time? Only time will tell. It's been fun so far anyways :-)

 photo wi0tp1.gif

The perfection of tv crushes.

 I have 14 days off work and I have absolutely nothing planed. I love my life.

My two main tv crushes at the moment are Charlie Hunnam and Tyler Hoechlin. They have nothing in commen other than they are both actors who maintain quite the breahtaking physique.

Charlie Hunnam photo tumblr_muuodddUK41rd0f8wo1_250.gifTyler Hoechlin photo tumblr_inline_moakd4Cd0B1qz4rgp.gif

I'm at that fase in my crushing where I haven't found one single thing I don't like about either of them. They are perfect in my doting eyes. It wont last. As we all know nobody is perfect.

Well, Mr Hunnam doesn't like starbucks. That's not good. And he has this thing, when he's doing love scenes, where he backs up a step and starts taking off his shirt and kind of let the lady awkwardly hanging there for a minute. That is a tiny bit of a turn off.
 photo tumblr_myqbheZnoM1rsoylno6_400_oreilysamcro.gif

oh no, it's already happening. The rose-colored goggles are coming off. Mr. Hunnam is turning human on me...

noooooooooo.I'm not ready.

 photo ZDdCU.gif

Watching for the plot

My two favorite shows of the new season both have a gorgeous man n the lead who often loses his shirt.

yes, I know quality tv when I see it

Sweet dreams are made of this

I had my first Askars dream the other night. No sexy time but we did get to cuddle on the couch watching tv. Why do I have to take my insecurities with me into the dream world? What's that about? It's a dream, damnit! It's no fun being my awkward self in a dream. Boo.

Brad/Nate is still my new OTP but Brad/Ray is a close second after reading novembersmith's Carrying Dangerous Goods (Generation Kill/Temeraire NC-17, 5 Parts). A lovely Ray POV with UST oozing all over the place. And I had no problem following the story even though I know nothing about Temeraire.

Stay Frosty

My newest OTP is Brad/Nate of the generation_kill fandom. Alexander Skarsgård and Stark Sands are true masters of the eyefuck and god, do I love the eyefuck.

EyefuckingCollapse )

My favorite writer in the fandom so far is hackthis . She's an awesome writer and her fics are mostly AU's and in Nate's POV just the way I like my GK Slash.

Some of my faves of hers;

Get Some (Nate/Brad NC-17 AU, 4 Parts) Can't resist a good High School AU. Lots of delicious angst.

You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You (Brad/Nate, NC-17 AU, 4 Parts) Secret agent men.

The Road Not Taken (Nate/Brad, NC-17 AU, 3 Parts) College AU  


"Every single day, I wake up and look in the mirror and think, ‘Five times, motherfucker. Five times."

- Alexander Skarsgård on being voted Sexiest Man in Sweden five years running (lol. Love a man with humor)


Why the fuck didn't anyone tell me I had to see Alexander Skarsgård in motion to understand what all the fuss is about? I never found him that attractive when I saw pictures of the man but recently I saw him in Straw Dogs and Oh. My. God. the man is poetry in motion. He has charisma out the bazoo. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention his gorgeous body. I always knew he had a gorgeous body but half of his sexiness is the way he moves. And his intense eyes. Nobody can eyefuck like Alexander Skarsgård. Oh my. *fans self*
It really disturbed me that I even found him attractive in a fucking rape scene. What the fuck is that about.

I just finished watching Generation Kill which just made me lust after him more. I hate that I've missed all the fangirl fun there has been had on livejournal the last couple of years. Am sooo late to the party.

Epic Harry Potter video

Everybody but me have probably seen this already but it's Harry Potter and 30 Seconds to Mars and it's epic so I had to post

Read more...Collapse )
I found this hilariously funny. Kept me laughing forever. So cute

I'm not happy with myself at the moment. I have managed to start reading two really good Merlin/Arthur WIPs. I absolutely hate waiting for updates but the deed is done. I have to man up (girl up? nah) and wait for the authors to deliver the  awesome.

The two stories in question is:

magog_83's School Nemesses (Part 1-9 is done and deliciously sweet. I'm still waiting for part 10-13)
AOO's Footloose's Radioman (First part of the loaded March series) It really caught my attention despite being a military AU.



Frack me!

                                                             I missed the f_march_madness AGAIN

Read another awesome Merlin RPS. The Colour Of Cartoon Sunshine  by felisblanco . Can't get that lovely image of Colin and Bradley on the sofa out of my head. Not that I'm trying.
There is some lovely SPN art on Petite-Madame.com. Madame got talent. 

I cleaned up in my favorites and found this huge but gorgeous gif. Sexy Adam, It's form from one of the first times I saw the sexy in Adam especially because of the smile at the end. 

And Mr Monte Pittman now has his very own website. Is that cool or what.

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