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Love letter.

I've had this journal for 12 years.

Slash fiction got me here and keeps me coming back. The fandoms have changed over the years, begining with Mulder/Krycek back in the days where I had just found out I wasn't the only girl in the world who got turned on by two guys gettin it on. I see slash in almost every interaction between two hot guys. It's fun. I love letting the imagination fly.

I've had friends on here but we grew apart. Maybe because I was absent or changed fandom. It really doesn't matter. They were lovely and it was fun while it lasted.

I even had a community at one point and it was fun times as well. I'd probably still keep it going if it wasn't for my fickled mind and I lost interest in the subject over time.

There have been Communities I have loved but these days I want to hit my head against a wall when I read the comments on there. So I don't. I was soooo bored at this years FANDOM STEEL CAGE MATCH MARCH MADNESS that I forgot to vote in the last two rounds. What's that about? I've always looked forward to this time of year and the madness it brings. Am I getting old? Am Livejournal and I growing apart for real this time? Only time will tell. It's been fun so far anyways :-)

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Mar. 25th, 2014 05:06 pm (UTC)
Many people who used to spend their time on LJ have moved to other resourses, so I suppose new people make new rules :) As for me, I don't get them, I don't even think that there is much activity going on here. I am usually interested in fan communities, and recently I couldn't find anything reglularly updated. I can see a lot of new staff on tumblr, but not here... So I am kind of melodramatic either :)